Attack on Ft. Hood Stopped When Gun Store Clerk Calls Police

Officials say another attack at Ft. Hood has been foiled. Pfc. Naser Abdo was arrested Wednesday in a motel room near the Texas base. Authorities say that Abdo had weapons stashed in the room. In 2009 Abdo wrote in an essay seeking conscientious objector status that the Ft. Hood attacks were “counter to what I believe in as a Muslim.” Abdo went AWOL from Fort Campbell in Kentucky earlier this month. He was approved this year as a conscientious objector but his discharge was put on hold amid military charges that child pornography was found on his computer. Abdo was tracked down by a tip from a gun-store clerk, when he went in to buy a large amount of gun powder. He admitted to police that he wanted to attack soldiers at Ft. Hood.