Doppler 9&10 Weather Garden – Professional Advice

Well we're here at the weather garden and it's been a week since I worked on it…. Today I'm getting advice on how the garden looks from Luke and Brian Johnson of Willow Mercantile. I ask Luke about about the bed I started from seed. He says it's looking good. The lettuce is about ready and the squash is coming along nicely. The one thing I need to do is thin out the carrots. Otherwise it looks good right now. It's obvious weeds are a big problem so I ask for some tips. Luke says after getting rid of the current weeds, I need to put down some mulch like grass clippings or newspaper. He also recommends straw on top of the newspaper to help trap in the moisture. On to the other bed, the one I put transplanted tomatoes, onions, spinach & squash. Brian says the plants are looking good… Not great but good. There are some problems with powder on the squash and the spinach has got issues. We are not exactly sure why, I may have put down too much fertilizer, but recommends removing the dead leaves and see what happens. The tomatoes have no problems right now. The potatoes are growing well but one just seems to be growing faster than the other. Not sure why but one certainly needs more dirt to prevent scabbing. Now that I've got the advice it's time to get to work. More on that in the coming weeks. – Tom