Day After Grand Rapids Shootings, Mayor Praises Law Enforcement

Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell praised local and state authorities this morning, the day after a gunman killed 7 people. Mayor Heartwell said authorities relentlessly pursues the gunman and they negotiating skills helped keep 3 hostages alive. Police say they tried to talk to the gunman into giving up but at the last moment he took his own life. Mayor Heartwell says he wished Rodrick Dantzler wouldn't have taken his own life, so he could be brought to justice. Last night, Police Chief Kevin Belk said investigators are still looking into the motive and relationships between Dantzler and the victims. He said after the standoff ended in a press conference that it is hard to make sense of things like this. Dantzler, who was 34-year-old killed his daughter, ex-girlfriend and 5 other people.