One Week Later, Baby Katherine Still Missing

Investigators and crews are continuing their search for missing 4-month-old Katherine Phillips. Police believe the baby was abducted by Sean Phillips last Wednesday afternoon from Katherine's mother's apartment in Ludington. Phillips was arrested on kidnapping and child endangerment charges Wednesday evening but Katherine has not been found. This photo was taken this afternoon near Ludington by our 9&10 News crew. Officials have been searching between the Ludington apartment where Katherine lived and the Scottville home of Sean Phillips. Phillips says that Katherine is alive, but will not say where she is. Police are now searching for a cell phone that was left in the car driven by Sean Phillips last Wednesday. The cell phone is a purple and black 'HTC Desire' cell phone. Anyone with any information about the cell phone or Katherine's whereabouts is asked to call police. Tonight on 9&10 News hear from Katherine's mom. She explains why she's frustrated, what she is doing to bring baby Kate home and what Sean Phillips told her when they spoke last.