Downtown TC Businesses Ready For National Cherry Festival, Holiday Weekend Crowds

People are pouring into Traverse City and shops are getting ready for a busy holiday weekend and National Cherry Festival week. Stores are already filling up with tourists and they couldn't be more excited. “I think everyone likes to wander around downtown and see what we have to offer and come in and try all the samples of different cherry products,” said Heather Donn, Cherry Republic store manager. Stores are happy to see that shopping seems to be a staple for Traverse City visitors. “We see the same families come in a couple times, they’ll come in to look at something and they’ll come back again for ice cream, they’ll come back another day for hot dogs so they make shopping part of their vacation,” said Kim Schmitz, Annie's of Traverse City owner. Stores say they've been busier than the last few summers, and they only expect to see more foot traffic as the weekend progresses. Jennifer Profitt and Photojournalist Justin DePrekel have the story.

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