16-Year-Old Survivor of Plane Crash in Critical Condition

Austin Hatch , the 16-year-old sole survivor of a deadly plane crash in Charlevoix, remains in critical condition at Traverse City's Munson Medical Center. The basketball coach for the Indiana high school standout and University of Michigan recruit says the teen is in a drug-induced coma as he struggles to recover from his injuries. Canterbury School Coach Dan Kline also says doctors plan to bring out Austin out of his coma Monday. Dr. Stephen hatch, his wife Kimberly, and son Austin were less than a block from the airport in Charlevoix when their plane smashed into a garage Friday night. The small plane took off from Fort Wayne, Indiana, heading for boyne city, but was diverted by weather. Charlevoix Police say it looks like the pilot missed his approach to the runway and was trying to recover just before impact. This is not the Hatch family's first crash. In 2003, Doctor Hatch and Austin were the only survivors in another small plane crash that killed Austin's mother and two siblings.