Fingernails: The Window To Your Health

It's been said that the eyes are a window to the soul, but could the same hold true for our nails? Dermatologists say changes in nail color and texture could indicate a serious health problem. Robyn Haines has your Healthy Living. Nails can provide valuable information about a person's health. Yellowish nails can sometimes signal lung problems, half white, half pink nails could be a sign of kidney disease. Red nail beds…heart disease…pale or white nail beds…anemia. “You normally don't have color in your nail but if you notice abnormal color on your nail, it can be a sign of something more serious like cancer.” While dark, long, uniform bands are common among people with darker complexions, when melanoma is present it often shows up as a pigment change at the cuticle. If your nails separate from the nail bed it could indicate the skin condition psoriasis. 57-year old Karan Powell's dry nails and broken cuticles didn't get better until she got treated for an adrenal gland disorder. “By taking the calcium and various vitamins my nails are super strong.” To keep your nails their healthiest, keep them clean and dry, avoid nail biting or picking at the cuticles. And never pull off hangnails… It's best to trim them with clippers.