New Mommy Malady: “Mommy Thumb”

Government records shows about four-million babies are born in the U.S. each year. More than 10-percent of those new moms are first time moms over 35. If you're one of them – take note: that new pain in your arms is more common than you think. Robyn Haines has today’s Healthy Living. Little Jayden James is an 8 month-old on the move. And the fact that mom Kim Brenninkmeyer can keep up is amazing. When Jayden was born … She found the area from her wrist to thumb was in constant pain. Doctor David Maine works at mercy medical center in Baltimore, Maryland. He knew the cause: so-called “mommy thumb” – a new term for over-use injury. The true name: Dayquervain's Tenosynovitis. It comes with the scooping, holding and lifting that new moms aren't used to. Experts say one-quarter to one-half of new mothers now get symptoms. Causes include heavier children – as more than 10-percent of two-year olds are now overweight. Plus, more older mothers are having kids – and, more people are using thumb-numbing smart-phones, too. A new mom at 40 – Kim got cortisone shots – which are 90-percent effective. The issues may also start to present themselves in the third trimester of pregnancy. If cortisone shots don't work – surgery is an option.