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A local campground looks like a scene of devastation from a tree-killing disease took over state forest land in Missaukee County. It was spreading so rapidly, that it forced the DNR to plow down 75% of the trees. The disastrous disease was threatening hundreds of trees at the campgrounds just north of Lake City. The DNR has been fighting the oak wilt disease for years. It's continued to spread and uprooting the trees was the best way to stop it. Sunday, the Northlake Correctional Facility welcomed its first wave of inmates. These are the first 137 prisoners brought to the facility in six years. The prison in Baldwin is back in business after being forced to close its doors in 2005. If everything goes according to plan the Northlake Correctional Facility will house more than 2,500 prisoners and employ more than 500 employees. The taxes brought by the prison and its employees are what the county is hopeful for, but it is also staying realistic.