Parents Shocked by Remarks by Apparent Facebook Prankster

Some disturbing comments and obscene photos have some parents upset over what appears to be a facebook prankster. The facebook page is filled with remarks about stalking and rape. Most of the content on the page we can't air on television because it's obscene. But a quick glance, and even police admit it looks like an attempt at dark humor by some young kids. Not everyone is laughing, though. “It's very, very disturbing to me,” says Tina Drake. “It made me shake and everything.” Drake and her friend Ann Taghon have friends that go to Benzie Central School — where most on this person's list of friends are students. The school is looking into the page, but for now is reminding everyone how to stay safe on sites like facebook. “The thing for parents we've always said if your child is going to have a facebook account, they need to be giving you the login and the password and parents need to check facebook just like they checked e-mails,” says Barb Powell, Guidance Counselor at Benzie Central. She says it's important for parents to have open lines of communication about facebook. She also recommends everyone update their privacy settings to control who they can be friends with. “Just as you would if you were a parent, you pick up that phone call and it's a prank call and they're saying terrible things, you hang up,” she says. “If you're on facebook and you start reading something that's really crummy, get off facebook and block that person.” The lesson for Drake and Taghon is to always be checking to see who your kids are “friending” online. In this case, it lead to a startling discovery. “That's one thing parents need to do is to make sure parents know exactly what your kids are doing on facebook,” Drake says. 9&10 News chose not to show the apparent phony name of the page to avoid promoting it. Police are investigating to see if this person crossed any lines that would make it illegal. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have the story.