Gov. Snyder Extends Pure Michigan Campaign, T.C. Businesses Excited

Businesses in the tourism industry are looking forward to a big boost from the Pure Michigan advertising campaign. Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation for more Pure Michigan funding. And extra $10 million will be transferred from the 21st Century Jobs Fund, bringing total funding for the campaign to $25 million. “This is a big day for the state of Michigan, particularly for the Traverse City region,” said Jack Schripsema, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the T.C. Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Tourism is a vital component of our economy and the Pure Michigan campaign will do nothing but increase the number of leisure visitors to this area.” Businesses in Traverse City say the campaign makes a big difference. “There seems to be a direct correlation of the years we do well with Travel Michigan when they do get the $25 million funding compared to years when they’re down to their 5.7 million, we do see a direct correlation in visitors to our area,” said Alex Mowczan, Summerside Properties Owner. Downtown shops are hoping for a booming summer as a result. “We’ll see more people, the hotels will all be crowded, the town, the streets will all be loaded, so yeah, it’ll definitely mean an economic boost for us,” said Mary Daily, Kilwin's Chocolates Owner. Jennifer Profitt and Photojournalist Drew Parfitt have the story.