Looming Snow Storm Could Mean Big Business Boost

Snow is expected to move into Northern Michigan on Wednesday, and that should bring some much needed fresh powder. Many businesses in Kalkaska County rely on snowmobiling season during the winter months, and so far, mother nature hasn't delivered. “People call and ask us, 'Is there any snow, what do the trails look like?' and we have to say there is no snow, sorry,” said Rashid Lodhi, owner of the Granada Inn Motel in Kalkaska. But another round of snow could mean a big boost. “We are really hoping and praying and looking forward to another good snow storm and hopefully this weekend and the next weekend, we'll take as many as we can get,” said Robert Laurence, owner of Dingman's Bar on M-72 between Kalkaska and Grayling. Jennifer Profitt and Photojournalist Drew Parfitt have the story.