Police Step Up Patrols For Labor Day Drunk Driving Crackdown

Law enforcement agencies statewide are increasing patrols now through Labor Day weekend. It's an annual effort aimed at keeping people safe on the roads, and it's been working so far. “With efforts like this we’ve really been succeeding,” said State Trooper Mike Mihalic. “The traffic crash fatality rates have come way down thanks to the efforts of drunk driving patrols.” County, city, and state police in Grand Traverse County are all taking part in the extra patrols. Mihalic said there could be roughly 10 extra police cars in Traverse City during the patrols. “There’s more rides home out there other than a police car,” Mihalic said. “You don’t want the police car ride home.” Jennifer Profitt and Photojournalist Justin DePrekel road along with Trooper Mihalic and have more on their drunk driving patrols.