Confusing Road Names Pose Problems For 911 Dispatchers

Two roads with almost the same name are making a dangerous situation for Wilson Township in Charlevoix County. The problem is, what looks like one road is actually two, and they have nearly identical names. It's difficult to tell where Boyne City East Jordan Road North ends, and where Boyne City East Jordan Road begins. On these two separate roads, there are the same exact block numbers. That means if a 911 caller doesn't distinguish which road they're on, emergency crews could go to the wrong area. It's happened before, and they want to fix the problem before it turns deadly. “We need to be able to quickly pinpoint true locations, to be able to send the correct jurisdiction, the correct agency, as quickly as possible,” said Central Dispatch Office Manager Mary Albertson. Residents on Boyne City East Jordan Road North will have a chance to vote on their new road name. The final decision will be made at the Sept. 8 Wilson Township meeting. Jennifer Profitt and Photojournalist Justin DePrekel spoke with officials today and have more on the story.