Sweating it out at the Northwestern Michigan Fair

This steamy week has made bottled water and shade go a long ways at the Northwestern Michigan Fair this week in Traverse City. But it's not just fairgoers trying to beat the heat, hundreds of livestock also need to stay cool. Kids in the 4-H program are encouraged to take the larger animals out of the barn several times on hot days to get them in the fresh and in a cold shower. “The small animals have the biggest challenge of staying cool in this weather because it effects them faster so we have more fans in the small animal barns,” says Darrel Robinson, President of the 4-H Livestock Council. Besides the fans, some of the smaller animals are given frozen bottles of water to lay with to keep them cool. “It's been one of the hotter weeks, sometimes we get the 80 degree weather being it's August, but when we start crowding 90 that's pushing it up there to one of the hottest weeks we've had,” says Dana Cederquist, President of the Northwestern Michigan Fair. Cederquist says there have been a few cases of people getting sick from the heat this week, but nothing serious. He says they still prefer the heat than the rain. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have the story.