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Canola is a new crop for Michigan, and the MSU Extension says they are trying to grow an industry locally. They are harvesting it to make a heart healthy cooking oil. But there are challenges and opportunities with the new crop. People in Mt. Pleasant are trying to dry up what's left of Wednesday night's flooding rain. In just two hours nearly four inches of rain fell on Isabella County leaving behind a wet, soppy mess. Thursday, people had the fans running to try to dry up some of it. The flooding caused damage all over Mt. Pleasant including at Central Michigan University and Central Michigan Community Hospital. It's like deja vu along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Garbage is washing up on beaches spanning from Oceana County, all the way up to Benzie County. It's not the first time, it happened two years ago in the summer of 2008. Last time, sewers had overflowed in Wisconsin after a heavy storm, and the trash made its way to Northern Michigan. The DNRE says we may have a similar situation now.