Clean Up Efforts Continue After Flash Flood

People in Mt. Pleasant are trying to dry up what's left of Wednesday night's flooding rain. In just two hours nearly four inches of rain fell on Isabella County leaving behind a wet, soppy mess. Thursday, people had the fans running to try to dry up some of it. The flooding caused damage all over Mt. Pleasant including at Central Michigan University and Central Michigan Community Hospital. Clean up efforts for the university and the hospital started when they realized water was rushing in. Hours after the flood, business was going as usual but the flood had certainly left its mark. The hospital only closed down the mammography department Thursday due to the area having a lot of soaked carpet. As for Central, they say things are running as usual and students should be able to move in this weekend. 9&10's Cali O'Rourke and photojournalist Evan Dean got an up close look at the flood damage.