Primary Preparations

After months of training, local clerks are getting ready for Tuesday's primary election. The biggest race Tuesday is, of course, who could be our state's next governor. But there are also local leadership races and mileages on the line. Clerks we talked to tested ballots, making sure everything runs smoothly. County clerks have held numerous training sessions for their township and city clerks, with an ultimate goal of a smooth election on the local level. Many polling locations are already set up and ready to go. Sample ballots are being tested and retested in machines to make sure every vote will be counted. Many clerks we talked to say they typically see less than 25 percent of voters come out for the primaries. They're hoping voters make their vote count Tuesday. Local clerks say with the recent technology, the lines should go fast. If heading out to the polls makes you nervous, clerks say there will be people on hand to help you cast your vote. Fox 32's Cali O'Rourke and photojournalist Evan Dean have what you can expect when casting your ballot.