Homeless Shelter to Close, Unless People Donate

A Northern Michigan homeless shelter will close, unless it gets big money, real fast. Wednesday, the Friendship Shelter near Gaylord said it's out of money. This comes at the worst time, when every room is filled and there's a pages-long waiting list. Exec. Dir. Marilyn Kacznowski says they are looking at grants and a possible tie with the Veterans Association. But a quarter of the budget comes from fundraisers and donations. That's down significantly this year. Kacznowski says they would meet their budget with no problem if every household in Otsego County contributed five dollars. To donate, contact The Friendship Shelter: 7163 Old 27 South P.O. Box 2048 Gaylord, Michigan 49734 989-732-5960 E-mail: Director@TheFriendshipShelter.org 9&10's Jodi Hathaway and photojournalist Joel Deaner spent the evening at the shelter to find out why there's a shortfall.