Spend “Bay Day” River Raft Recycling in GT County

You can go down river, and go green at the same time. The Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Center wants you to paddle down the Boardman River – in your homemade raft or boat. It's called the river raft recycling extravaganza And it's coming up next month. It's part of this year's “Bay Day” festivities, and the $50 entry fee supports both the Watershed Center and Bay Area Recycling. You can build a boat that hopefully floats, head down the Boardman, and pick up trash along the way. After the trip down the river, prizes will be awarded for the coolest raft, the most trash collected, and the weirdest trash. Although the event happens August 14th. The signup deadline is this Friday. Free raft-building supplies are available and for more details check out our website, www.9and10news.com.