Update: Woman Accused of Leaving Newborn in Montmorency County Dumpster

The woman accused of leaving her newborn baby in a Montmorency County dumpster heard testimony against her today in court. Krystal Taylor is accused of involuntary manslaughter and hiding the death of her baby girl. A contractor working with a gas company in Vienna Township discovered the baby in early April. Today, that contractor, Dennis Mackowiak, says he first saw the baby while throwing his lunch away. A forensic scientist with the Michigan State Police, Frances D'Angela, says she was there when the body was removed from the dumpster. She says they found an umbilical cord with the baby, but she was not sure if it was still attached. D'Angela says she believes the baby was originally put into the dumpster inside a garbage bag, found near the baby. Taylor's boyfriend's mother, Vickie Berney, also testified. She said Taylor had been living in her home, with her husband and son Erick Berney approximately a year before the baby was found. Vickie Berney says she had permission to dump their garbage at the site where the baby was found. She lives less than four miles away. Vickie Berney says she had no idea Taylor was pregnant until police brought her home after questioning. At that point, she says Taylor admitted she had the baby in the bathroom. She says it was blue and not breathing, with the umbilical cord around its neck. Vickie Berney says Taylor told her she was scared and didn't want to cause any problems. Krystal's boyfriend, Erick Berney, who police say is the baby's father is accused of helping conceal the death. Investigators are still waiting on DNA results to link Erick Berney and Taylor to the baby. 9&10's Christina Vecchioni and photojournalist Aaron Smith have more details from Taylor's preliminary examination today.