Friends Remember Man Shot and Killed at a Mt. Pleasant Bar

Wednesday night, friends held a candlelight vigil to remember a man gunned down in a Mt. Pleasant bar. Police say Justin Luckhardt walked into the Cabin Bar Tuesday night and shot and killed Kim “Kemp” Luchie. Police say Luckhardt led police on a high speed chase before killing himself. They say this could be a case of mistaken identity. Police say Luckhardt was dealing with some domestic issues and may have mistaken Luchie for someone else. Now in the wake of Luchie's death, friends are remembering the man they called “Kemp”. Luchie worked at the JC Penny's in Mt. Pleasant while continuing his education at Central Michigan University. Co-workers say they respected Luchie and will remember his winning smile and laughter. “He was lighthearted and fun, sweet, and just always had the most polite and nice things to say to everyone he came across,” Rebecca Flachs said. “I remember his smile, and a dance that he did that he tried to teach everybody here at work, and I could never do it, but I'd learn that dance for sure now,” Tami Doerr said. Co-workers are working on creating a memorial fund for Luchie. People interested can call the Mt. Pleasant JC Penny store at 989-773-7911 for more information. Doerr and Flachs spoke with 9&10 News prior to the vigil. 9&10's Jodi Hathaway and photojournalist Joel Deaner have more on how friends are remembering Luchie.