7 Days: From Big Belly to Back at Work

When constant crunches and diets don't work, some folks turn to cosmetic surgeons to install those washboard abs they've always wanted. But since the standard tummy tuck is too invasive for some patients, one surgeon developed a new procedure to get rid of bulging bellies. Doctor Matthew Schulman is giving patient’s what’s called “a smooth tuck,” a new option for those who aren't thin enough for the traditional tummy tuck. In the new procedure surgeons first remove two-to-three liters of fat then take off excess skin. But unlike a tummy tuck, they don't cut any muscles. How much quicker? Smooth tuck patients are back to work in one week instead of two and can resume normal activities in three weeks instead of six. Patients typically lose up to 10 pounds and two-to-three inches around the waist. The total cost, $8,000 dollars. Doctor Schulman only recommends this surgery for women who are finished having children. This costs about two-thousand dollars less than the traditional tummy tuck. Despite the recession, Americans spent almost ten and half billion dollars on cosmetic procedures last year– down two percent from the year before.