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So the weather's cooperating with outdoor activities this weekend. That's great news for the thousands of people flooding into northern Michigan right now. The Doppler 9&10 Forecast and a rundown of when and where to catch fireworks displays at 5:00. The unemployment report for June is out and the numbers show an economy struggling to add jobs. The impact of the report tonight at 5:00. Forget foreclosures, our money expert says you can pick up a home at a great discount at IRS auctions. He'll explain how in Money Talks at 5:00. See what happens when our Chief Photojournalist Corey Adkins gets his hands on a rocking Bihlman Brothers song and the footage of anchor Michelle Dunaway flying in an F-18. And saving the lives of children before they're even born. It's Healthy Living. Join Kevin, Cali, and Tom at 5:00 on 9&10 News.