Dash Cam Video Shows Lions President’s Arrest

A drunk driving arrest near Prudenville is causing a major stir, because of who the Sheriff's Department says was behind the wheel. Fox 32 News obtained dash cam video of this weekend's drunk driving arrest. Deputies say the driver was Lions President Tom Lewand. The video shows officers questioning Lewand and him performing sobriety tests. You can also hear him say how he hasn't drank alcohol in over a year and a half. Lewand was hesitant to perform the breathalyzer, and took several minutes to decide that he would take it. Immediately after submitting to the test, you see police arrest him. Deputies pulled Lewand over after seeing his SUV cross from one lane to another after leaving a bar. Deputies say he had a blood alcohol limit more than twice the legal limit, at .21%. In a statement, Lewand says he is deeply sorry for his actions and takes full responsibility. He was in northern Michigan for a charity golf event. To watch the whole incident play out, click on the video to the right.