Good Samaritan Follows Suspected Robber, Tips Off Police

A 17-year-old boy faces serious charges for a crime police say he had been planning for a long time. The teenager is accused of robbing a gas station clerk at knife-point, and then running off. After he ran a block away, police say he changed his clothes in hopes of fooling officers. But the plan failed. “I kind of watched where the guy ran,” says Rich Huseltine, who works right next door. “I saw him run across the street.” Huseltine immediately got into his car and follow the man who police later identified as Christopher Hammersley. After he noticed he changed clothes, Huseltien tipped off police. “For him to relay that information so accurately and so timely allowed our officers to apprehend him before he made it back to his car,” says Capt. Brian Heffner with the Traverse City Police Department. Police used a K-9 to later trace the scent back to where they say the robber ditched the 6-inch knife. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Ben Talarico have the story.