Winemakers Excited Over What’s Looking Like a Great Harvest

Some fine tasting wine could be on the way to a shelf near you thanks to the cooperation from mother nature. That early, warm northern Michigan spring is translating into a longer growing season for grapes. Winemakers say that usually ends with riper fruit and better wine. Some early varieties have already begun to bloom at Black Star Farms on Old Mission Peninsula. Winemakers are typically happy if the bloom starts in July, so watching it flower already is a positive sign. “To start the year the way we've had, everybody is smiling right now,” says Lee Lutes, Winemaker and General Manager of Black Star Farms. “Everybody is excited about what we have to look forward to.” Depending on how the summer weather goes, they say the end harvest could be one of the better ones. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Justin DePrekel have the story.

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