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A Cheboygan County woman is accused of neglecting six horses on her Aloha Township farm, in Cheboygan County. Barbara Ackerman turned herself in yesterday after animal control determined the horses were thin and malnourished. A veterinarian ranked the horses between thin and poor and claimed there was little or no nutritional value in the pasture. A tracking program is being hailed a success for saving an elderly woman's life in Lake County. A transmitter bracelet helped rescuers find the woman after she went missing in the woods in Luther last week. President Barack Obama says that the U.S. will offer whatever additional assistance is needed to coastal states to help them deal with the Gulf oil spill. He said in a speech Tuesday night that while the mobilization won't be perfect, he will fix problems that crop up. Obama also warned that despite the best efforts to clean up the oil spill, more oil and more damage will occur before the spill is contained. He said that's why the government will also focus on recovery and restoration of the Gulf Coast.