The Next Generation Hearing Aid

At least 30 million Americans are having trouble hearing. Now, a new type of hearing aid is making it easier for people to get help without everyone knowing it. The Lyric hearing aid is the first of its kind to be studied in swimmers. And it's virtually invisible. It sits one-sixth of an inch from the eardrum. The sound can be turned up and down with the use of a magnet outside the ear. The Lyric cannot help people with very small ear canals, bone protrusions or severe hearing loss. But for those with less or moderate loss, this gives them a new option. Traditional hearing aids may have feedback, over amplify background noises, the batteries die frequently and have to be removed while showering or swimming. Patients pay an annual subscription fee of up to 36-hundred dollars per pair and get an entirely new hearing aid when the battery dies. Insurance plans usually don't cover hearing aids, but that is gradually changing.

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