Former Detroit Mayor Sent to Northern Michigan Prison

Detroit's former mayor is in Northern Michigan, but his stay is certainly not for pleasure. On Kwame Kilpatrick's 40th birthday, he was transferred to a Northern Michigan prison. Kilpatrick will serve time at the Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee in Manistee County. It's a level four facility, which means it's one step below a maximum security prison. The ex-mayor will spend at least a year and a half behind bars after being convicted of lying under oath about having an affair with his chief of staff. A judge sentenced him to prison after he violated parole. The state says Kilpatrick could serve a majority of his sentence at the Manistee facility, but he also could be transferred at any time. Prison officials spoke to 9&10's Alex Jokich and photojournalist Greg Miller about the high profile prisoner.

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