Fountain of Youth For Eyes

It's an eye condition no one can escape from, and it's what makes reading glasses so popular. After age 40, our eyes start to have trouble focusing up close on words in books, newspapers, and other tiny objects. It’s called Presbyopia. And some doctors say an experimental eye surgery could be the fountain of youth for our eyes. As we age, the lens inside our eyeball grows, but the eyeball doesn't. Tighter quarters around the lens makes it harder to focus. In a new procedure, surgeons implant four curved plastic spacers — the size of a grain of rice — within the wall of the eyeball, giving the lens space to change shape and focus. Molly Stewart had the surgery one week ago. It improved her vision from 20/100 to 20/40. Doctor Ming Wang says the surgery takes 15 to 20 years off the eye. To qualify for the Scleral Spacing procedure, patients must be 50 to 60 years old with no prior eye surgeries and good vision aside from reading glasses. Only three centers in the U.S. are performing the experimental surgery — in New York, Chicago and Nashville. If the patient doesn't like the outcome, the surgery can be reversed.

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