Scarless Surgery For Kids

Traditional abdominal surgery used to mean acute pain, a lengthy recovery and a nasty visible scar. Over the past few years, surgeons have begun using a new technique on adults that makes minimally invasive surgery nearly scarless. As Robyn Haines shows us, pediatric experts are using the approach to make surgery easier on kids. Ninth grader Melanie Perez had a tumor was the size of a grapefruit on her ovary, filled with fluid. Instead of three incisions to remove it, pediatric surgeon Matthew Moront made one in Melanie’s belly button. He inserts two microscopic tools and a camera through the opening. He then drains and flattens the tumor and pulls it out through the tiny cut in the belly button. Doctors say the single-port surgery can be used in kids who need their appendix removed, lung biopsies or other abdominal surgeries. Melanie had a type of tumor called a Teratoma. While it turned out to be benign, doctor Moront says all Teratomas are treated as though they are cancerous.

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