Addiction Case Manager Accused of Embezzlement to Feed Gambling Addiction

A worker who's job was to help those struggling with an addiction is accused of embezzling money to apparently feed an addiction of her own. The Grand Traverse County Prosecutor authorized an arrest warrant for Crystal Marvin who worked for Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City as a transitional house case manager. Marvin's job was to support clients in their recovery from addiction, along with collecting rent. She's accused of stealing more than six thousand dollars from client's rent money over the span of a couple years. Instead of putting the all of the rent money in the agency's account, she's accused of taking it for herself. According to court records, she used the stolen money support her gambling addiction. “We're happy and hopeful she gets the help she needs,” says Christopher Hindbaugh, Executive Director of Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City. “Our work goes on.” Hindbaugh says the missing money was not devastating to the agency but it did effect the bottom line and company morale. The agency is dedicated to providing substance abuse treatment to chemically dependent people in the community regardless of their financial ability. Crystal Marving faces one felony count of embezzlement. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Justin DePrekel have the story.