Negotiations Continue for Northern Michigan Landfill

The final stages of selling a local landfill are going slow but steady. Its been a project that's been in the works for two years. The Wexford County landfill has been draining money from the county budget since 2008. Last year, the county started paying almost $500,000 annually for a system to clean up water contaminated by it. The Department of Public Works eventually made the decision to sell it. American Waste is interested in purchasing the landfill, but in the midst of submitting letters of intent, the parties have no come to an agreement. The Wexford County Board of Commissioners says they'll be receiving a revised letter of intent within a few days. 9&10's Cali O'Rourke and photojournalist Joel Deaner were at the Wexford County Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday, where the board discussed the latest offer to buy the landfill. They have the latest update.

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