Missing Colorado Girl Found in Northern Michigan

Missing for almost two years, a Northern Michigan Sheriff's Department found a young girl from Colorado. Police say now eight-year-old Mystic Salazar disappeared from Grand Junction, Colorado in August of 2008. Since then, Mystic's custodial parents have searched tirelessly, dreaming of a miraculous reunion with their little girl. Mystic's discovery started last week with a report of a missing boy. Police later found him, but investigators felt like something seemed a little off with his parents. They later discovered the man and woman were using fake names. They found Mystic inside the home in Falmouth in Missaukee County. They believe her biological father, Enrique Lopez, took her during an unsupervised visit nearly two years ago. During the course of the investigation, police discovered Lopez is an illegal immigrant. He may be charged for that, but as of now there are no criminal charges for the abduction. 9&10's Alex Jokich and photojournalist Tyler Hampton have more details after speaking with police and Mystic's family.

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