Meridian Fire Still Burning, Crews Continue Containment Efforts

After scorching more than 7,500 acres, the United States Forest Services says the massive wildfire in Crawford County is now 65-percent contained. But it's still not yet under control. Crews spent the day putting out hot spots, and creating a fire line to try and prevent the wildfire from spreading. Their efforts were hampered by yet another day of warm, windy conditions — perfect for wildfires to spread. As of Wednesday evening, the forest service says 12 homes have been destroyed, two others damaged, and nearly 40 garages, sheds, or barns have been destroyed or damaged. Crews hoped to make contact with those property owners by the end of Wednesday. The forest service says they will reconvene on Thursday to determine when to lift the evacuation order and allow home owners to return. Right now the big concern is over the potential for the fire to spread. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have an up-close look at what they're dealing with.