Township Board Discusses Fire Department’s Walk Off

Finger pointing and frustration. Yet the firefighter feud in one Roscommon Township is far from over. The town hall was filled with people concentrated about their fire department, or current lack thereof. The Markey Township Board held a special meeting in Houghton Lake on Friday to talk about their current firefighter feud. Earlier this week, three firefighters were suspended. After that, the Markey Township Fire Department and EMS walked off the job, without any explanation to the board. The three firefighters that are currently suspended didn't show up at Friday's meeting, and they also didn't ask to meet on another day. 9&10 News tried to get a hold of the fire department, but did not receive a response. The board meets again on Monday, May 10th. 9&10's Cali O'Rourke and photojournalist Corey Petee were at the meeting and have more details as the community's frustration echoes.