UTI Vaccine?

There's a vaccine for chicken pox, measles … mumps … now, doctors are working to create the very first vaccine to prevent urinary tract infections. It's a problem that affects one in five women, and men can experience the pain as well. Robyn Haines reports on medicine's next big thing. 53-percent of women and 14-percent of men will get a UTI at least once — that adds up to one-point-three- million emergency room visits and 250-thousand hospitalizations each year. The only treatment — antibiotics. Doctor Harry Mobley and his team at the University Of Michigan Medical School are working on a vaccine to prevent the infections, a 2.5 billion dollar a year problem in the U.S. After five years of study in mice, researchers found three antigens that protect the mice against bacteria. The next step — try out the vaccine in humans. More tests are needed, but doctors are hopeful a simple spray could one day solve this painful problem. Doctor Mobley says the vaccine is still three to five years away from hitting the market.

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