Clearing the Air, Part II

A smoke-free Michigan starts Saturday, but how does it all settle with smokers? The law bans smoking in public places like bars, restaurants, hotels, or anywhere else that serves food or drinks. That includes smoking on any outdoor patios where food or drinks are served. Violators of the ban can be fined up to $100 for a first offense, and $500 for additional offenses. With the ban starting Saturday, local businesses have mixed emotions. There are still places where smokers can light up, like cigar bars, and tobacco specialty shops. But with no smoking, will smokers still head out to their favorite bar or restaurant? Or will they stay home with it is legal for them to light up? 9&10's Cali O'Rourke and photojournalist Stephanie Adkins have more details in our second part of our special report, Clearing the Air.