Kid-Safe Chemo Protects Hearts

Kids are winning the battle against cancer. The survival rate is 90-percent compared to just four-percent 40 years ago. But the powerful treatments come at a price. As Robyn Haines reports, researchers may have a solution to kick the cancer and protect the rest of a child's growing body. One of the more common side effects of chemo is worsening heart function. Studies show 20 years after treatment, childhood cancer patients' risk of death from heart problems is more than eight times greater than those not treated for cancer. To reduce that risk, doctors developed a new regimen … adding a drug called DZR to the standard chemo. Five years later, kids treated with DZR showed much less heart damage but still benefited from the chemo. Childhood cancer survivors also have a 60-percent higher risk of developing more cancer, brain tumors or depression as adults.

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