Abused Downstate Horses Find Safety in Northern Michigan

After suffering severe abuse and neglect, 8 downstate horses have now made it to safety in Northern Michigan. A passerby spotted a dead horse at a vacant farm, which quickly sparked up an abuse investigation. In addition to two dead horses, 8 abused living ones were found on an unattended farm in Livingston County. Today, 6 of the horses made their way to safely, at a farm in Kingsley in Grand Traverse County. Seven dogs lived alongside the horses. Police say they found all 15 animals malnourished. Now, Police are trying to decide the fate of the owner who lives 50 miles away. Chivon Kloepfer and Photo Journalist Joel Deaner were at the farm when the horses arrived and have more details in this report. For more information on Horse North Rescue click on the link below. If you want to donate, you can send a check to: 12463 Shippy Road Fife Lake, Mi 49649

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