1:55pm VIDEO UPDATE: Black Bear Tranquilized in Traverse City

A more than 200lb. young male black bear that caused quite a commotion is now tranquilized and secured in a large bear trap. Early this morning the bear was spotted in the Central Neighborhood area of Traverse City. It climbed up a tree at the end of Plainview Road on Traverse City's east side. The animal was hit with a tranquilizer, which took about ten minutes to take affect. The bear slipped out of the tree and started running through some nearby yards. It finally laid down and fell asleep. That's when it was secured into a trap. The City Police along with the DNRE and Grand Traverse Animal Control are working to safely relocate it to the wild, south of town. They believe the bear was just wandering looking for something to eat. Northern Michigan's News Leader was at the scene. You can click the attached video to watch some of the video from this morning:

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