BREAKING NEWS: Vote is in on Proposed TCL&P Biomass Plant

The decision is in: Traverse City Light and Power's board gave a proposed biomass plant the green light tonight. They met at the Governmental Center today to decide whether or not to go ahead with the new wood-burning power plant. The voted to go ahead with the plan. Board members had been discussing whether or not to delay tonight's much-anticipated vote until June, be decided against that after hearing additional public opinion. The TCL&P has been circulating surveys throughout Traverse City trying to gather input on what residents want. They say 98% of the people surveyed supported the launch of the new plant. The utility held three public forums before tonight's meeting to discuss the possibility of adding a wood-burning plant to power its customers. But those in opposition call the forums “marketing events,” not true discussions, and they expect the board to approve the plans. We'll have continuing coverage of this decision in a full report tonight on 9&10 News at 11:00.