Troopers Make Crucial Decision Under Pressure, Bring Gunman into Custody

Quick thinking by state troopers put an end to a dangerous situation involving a man point a shotgun at a woman. The victim was not injured, but any wrong move by police could have caused a much different ending. The assault happened Wednesday night at a home in Rapid River Township in Kalkaska County. Police say when they arrived at the home they saw Michael Sanders through a window assaulting and threatening a woman with a shotgun. Troopers were able to distract Sanders while other officers ran in, got the victim to safety, and arrested the gunman. “Situations like this are very dangerous, they're constantly changing,” says F/Lt. Richard Simpson, the Post Commander of the Michigan State Police in Kalkaska. “It requires police officers to arrive on scene and evaluate what they have and make decisions… stressful decisions.” Simpson says this is exactly what troopers train for at recruit school. Men and women are trained to think under pressure and try to resolve situations as quickly and peacefully as possible. The prosecutor charged Sanders with serious assault and felony firearm charges. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have the story.

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