Tips Needed to Catch Vandals in Wexford County

Police in Wexford County are looking for tips on who smashed out the windows of about 14 cars and threw a rock through a window of a home. Many of the damaged cars were in Manton. Police suspect juveniles smashed out the windows and damaged other cars with a baseball bat. One victim told Northern Michigan's News Leader how she feels about the destruction. “This is my prize possession at this point, it's eleven years old, there's no rust on it, and just to have someone with that much disrespect for other peoples property, just doesn't make me feel very good,” Beverly Frey, victim, said. Wexford County Deputies say two people were seen leaving one scene on a four wheeler, headed into the industrial park in Manton. They also found four wheeler tracks at several other vandalism sites. Anyone with information on this can call police.

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