Innocent Family Stuck With Rep. Stupak’s Old Phone Number; Getting Dozens of Calls

Congressman Bart Stupak continues to get obscene threats and angry voicemails for changing his vote to “yes” on healthcare reform. Other members of congress have also received threats but they're not alone. One northern Michigan couple is getting dozens of phone calls, too, all from people looking for Congressman Stupak. “Prior to the vote it was about two dozen a day,” says Kim Mangus. “A lot of times they've been trying so hard to get a hold of someone that they got a hold of someone so they're going to say something.” Kim and her husband Steve have learned to become great listeners over the last few weeks. Some it's angry constituents calling in, other times it's random opponents of healthcare reform. “I would say about 99.9-percent of the people are very respectful. We just say you have the wrong number,” says Steve. Many years ago it was the right number, back when northern Michigan had a 6-1-6 area code, and back when Traverse City was actually part of Stupak's district. Some web sites still tell people to call the old number to get to the Congressman. Those who do get connected with a MagicJack phone instead… at the Mangus residence. “I think I read where Representative Stupak was getting calls in the middle of the night and it was bothersome. I also got a few calls like that,” says Steve. “At some point you have to take the phone off the hook so you can sleep.” They say only one caller so far has been made threats, and didn't seem to care that he had the wrong number. “He got a hold of a person and he had no intention of being dissuaded in presenting his comments,” says Kim. That call made them realize the potential danger for a bigger problem. They fear someone may find out their address and come to their home, mistaking it for Stupak's. After all, nothing would surprise them now. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have the story.