Police Find Infant Dead in Basement, Teen Mother in Hospital

A newborn baby found dead in a basement, and now his teenage mother is at the center of the investigation. Police learned of the baby's death after the boy's mother went to the hospital for treatment. Doctors could tell the 15-year-old Traverse City girl just recently gave birth, but she wasn't talking. Fearing for the baby's life, doctors called police who immediately rushed to her parents home. That's where they found a newborn baby boy dead in the basement. “It is a little early to tell whether or not criminal charges will be sought and who they will be sought against,” says Cpt. Brian Heffner with the Traverse City Police Department. “We want to find out first and foremost how this newborn died and we'll proceed with our investigation from there.” An autopsy was underway by Tuesday afternoon in Grand Rapids. Meanwhile, the young mother is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. Police say as of now she's not fully cooperating with them.