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Police in Otsego County want parents to be aware of a potential kidnapper in the area. Last night, just after 6:00, a mother called police saying someone tried to abduct her 10-year-old son on Pine Briar Lane in Hayes Township. The boy was walking alone on the road, when he says someone tried pulling him into a car. He managed to get away and run home. The suspect is described as a white male in his 40's, over 6' tall and skinny with medium length black hair. It's a big project that could have a far-reaching impact. Now a biomass plant in Northern Michigan is one big step closer to construction. Mancelona Renewable Resources just received a “permit to install” from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment. If no one appeals the decision in the next month, the proposed plant could become a reality. The Mancelona Township Supervisor says the township completely supports this plant.

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