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TCAPS Staff May Feel Largest Impact of School Cuts

From wage concessions to wiping out half days. It took more than six months, but the area's largest school district cut more than six million dollars. It's a budget battle 9&10 News has been following since the beginning. Traverse City Area Public Schools faces an 8.7 million dollar deficit for next year. The board decided to cut more than six million. The school board spent the last six months holding public hearings and prioritizing reductions. Monday night, the board voted on the final reductions. The largest cut will impact ever TCAPS employee by slashing their pay or their benefits. “I've had some of my young teachers come up to me this morning at say… I might lose my house,” says John Scrudato, president of the Traverse City Education Association. Marjie Rich, the school board president, says the 3.2 million dollar cut to compensation equates to a five percent cut to employees across the board. “The reason at this point we can't say what the specifics are is because it's all related to negotiations,” says Rich. 9&10's Ryan Raiche and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have more on the impact. [i]For the complete list of cuts approved by the TCAPS Board of Education, visit the link below.[/i]