Murder Victim’s Daughter Speaks Against Good Time

33 years after her mother's brutal murder, one woman is speaking out. Dawn Basnett's mother's killer will be released from prison early because of the “good time” system. Pamela Basnett was murdered in 1976 at her home in Elk Rapids. Her killer, Victor Cole, will be released on December 1st of this year. Cole pleaded guilty to second degree murder in 1977 and was given a 50 to 75 year sentence. He'll be released after serving less than his minimum sentence because of good time for good behavior. The good time system is not in place anymore, but could be coming back. Some lawmakers want to bring it back to save the state money. Dawn Basnett wants to get the word out and try and stop that from happening. Dawn was eight years old when Cole took her mother away from her. At age 42, Dawn says she'll never have closure, and wants to speak out against good time to keep others from becoming victims as well. If good time is reinstated, an estimated 7,500 inmates will be released from Michigan prisons.

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